Beyonce Is Getting Her Own Comic Book

Sasha Fierce is getting her own comic book! ‘Bluewater Comics’ has a line of unauthorized biography comic books, with other singing sensations such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift getting their own comic book treatment, and now its Beyonce?s turn. … Continue reading


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Nicki Minaj Gets A Booty Protector & A New Alter Ego On “George Lopez”

In her first late-night talk show interview last night (she’s performed on other shows but did not had the sit-down interview), George Lopez gave rainbow wigged Nicki Minaj a barbed wire "booty protector."  He said it was much needed.


Read on for pics, video from her "George Lopez Show" appearance, and more as Nicki invents a new character/alter ego named "Rosa" and signs George’s man boob…


Here’s the video clip of Onicka introducing her new Latina mamacita alter ego named "Rosa"–specifically for George, of course. And she explains that her British alter ego "Martha" is "Roman’s mother. Sigh.

And she later performed her song "Moment."


Photo credit: CR: Carin Baer/Lopez Tonight


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Christina Milian: Divorce Settlement Rumors Are LIES!

Christina Milian hit up "The Wendy Williams Show" Monday morning to do some rumor control.  She arrived rocking this long Fendi black coat and black and jeweled open toed shoes. The fab chica cleared up how true those divorce settlement details between her and The Dream are.


Read on for the video clip and highlights….


  • She’s not giving up her music.  She’s coming out with a single March 2011.
  • The $4 mill divorce settlement and gag order are false and complete rumor. It was a made up lie post on a site, then an actually credible site ran with it.
  • She wants her daughter Violet to have a relationship with her father, The Dream.
  • She still has the wedding ring.

Well there you have it…


Photo via INF


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Jennifer Garner Plays With Her Daughters

Jennifer Garner is still hanging out with her girls: the actress took full advantage of the kids’ activities a Pacific Palisades farmer’s market had on Sunday. It looks like Violet and Seraphina had a ball! Looks like the car ride … Continue reading


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Ben Affleck May Make Movies In Boston, But He Won?t Run For Office There

Ben Affleck sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his new movie, ‘The Town.’ Like his directorial debut, ‘Gone, Baby, Gone,’ it’s set in his hometown of Boston. Does he worry about being known as the guy who makes movies in Boston?

That was one of the things that almost made me not want to do The Town. I thought, Iâ??m going to be the guy who makes crime movies in Somerville, [Mass.]. I guess from an actorâ??s point-of-view, you worry about being typecast.

It sounds like it wasn’t enough to stop him from doing it, though :)Apparently, Ben’s ‘The Town’ co-star, Jon Hamm, said walking around Boston with Ben was like walking around with the mayor.

[Laughs] Heâ??s probably exaggerating. People probably know who I am in Boston just because of Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone. Itâ??s a double-edged sword: Being the local boy you definitely get some support and you alsoâ?¦thereâ??s tougher scrutiny.

So would Ben, who’s interest in politics is well-known, ever consider running for office there?

I don’t want to hold office. Every day that seems like a worse and worse job to have. Look at the level of political discourse now. It’s very depressing to me. I did a lot of research down in D.C. when I did State of Play [Affleck played a congressman in the 2009 film], and it’s not unlike Hollywood. It’s a one-horse town. Everyone’s jockeying with one another for power, prestige, and image and they’ll stab each other in the back as fast as they can. The only difference is the stakes are a bit higher, which makes it sadder.

I don’t know… I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben ran for office in 10-15 years :)Are you interested in seeing ‘The Town’ when it hits theaters later this month?Photos by FAME Continue reading


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Julianne Hough Juices Up in Studio City

Popping by Jamba Juice for a rejuvenating beverage, Julianne Hough was spotted picking up two to-go drinks in Studio City, CA on Monday (December 6).

The ?Footloose? gal looked cute in a hat and sunglasses as she stood patiently in line before placing her order.

As she emerged from the tasty locale, Ms Hough offered up that infamous smile for the on-hand photogs as she then headed to the gym for a workout session.

In other news, Julianne?s brother, Derek, quashed rumors that she and Ryan Seacrest recently got engaged. He told People mag, “I haven’t heard anything [about an engagement] and I am sure I would have it if were true.”


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Amy Winehouse Out Partying

Uh oh. Amy Winehouse was out partying until 3am at a pub in London the other night. She looks….wasted. There were a few more photos where she was giving the paparazzi the bird too. Fun. According to the photo agency, she had just come from a concert by The Libertines.All I can say is that I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing again. Amy is so incredibly talented and I’m really praying that she doesn’t spiral back out of control!Photos by Continue reading


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