[AUDIO] Fantasia Admits To Abortion During Divorce Trial Of Ex-Lover

As we told you a few days ago, Fantasia admitted in court that she had aborted her love child with Antwuan Cook.  Now we have audio of her admission.  Hear the confession inside…

On Monday, Fantasia confessed during the divorce proceedings of Antwaun Cook and his soon-to-be  his ex-wife Paula that she aborted a child conceived during their affair. 

According to RadarOnline,

"…Fantasia is questioned by a lawyer for Paula Cook. Fantasia is a reluctant witness. At first she discusses a letter she wrote to Antwaun about wanting to have his baby. Then she is pinned down by the opposing lawyer who gets her to confess to the abortion in dramatic testimony."

Fantasia admitted to having an abortion sometime around August, which is around the time she was admitted to the hospital for a failed suicide attempt

Here’s part of the transcript:

Lawyer: "See if you recognize this as being a letter you wrote to Mr. Cook on May 10th 2010" (inaudible)

(inaudible) Fantasia reads the letter to the court. "I want you. I pray every night that I can be in your life forever, be your friend, lover, prayer partner, wife and MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. As long as I can have you I will be the happiest girl in the world." (inaudible)

Lawyer: "Ms Barrino, when you wrote this letter, you said you wanted to be the mother of his children, is this right?"
Fantasia: "Uh huh."

Lawyer: "Were you pregnant with his child when you wrote this letter?"
Fantasia: "No, no."

Lawyer: "Is it true at one point you told him you had an abortion?"
Fantasia’s Lawyer: Objection!


Lawyer: "Ms Barrino, isn’t it true that you told Mr. Cook that you had aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "When I wrote this letter I was speaking in future references. Like, one day, I would love to be all of these things that I wrote. I was not pregnant with his child."

Lawyer: "But did you tell Mr. Cook you aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "I did, yeah."

Lawyer: "When did you tell Mr. Cook you had aborted his child?
Fantasia: "I’m not sure."

Lawyer: "When did you abort his child?"
Fantasia: "It hasn’t been too long ago."

Lawyer: "What’s not too long ago?
Fantasia: "I’m not sure."

Lawyer: "I’m sorry?"
Fantasia: "I’m not sure. Probably when all this other stuff was happening."

Lawyer: "Is it your testimony that this summer?"
Fantasia: "I’m not really sure."

Lawyer: "How close in proximity was it to Mr. Cook leaving? In June 2010."
Fantasia: "It was right after he left his home."

Lawyer: "Mrs. Cook contends that she separated from Mr. Cook in June 16th 2010. How close in proximity to her date of separation did you contend that you aborted his child?"
Fantasia: "I’m not sure. Probably August when the other stuff happened."

Listen to the audio here.

Reports are now saying Paula Cook may sue Fantasia under North Carolina law for Alienation of Affection.  Not a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. But Fanny is trying. She was spotted at Millions of Milkshakes with her daughter Zion on yesterday:

Looks like she’s getting it back together….

Photos via WireImage/Ingram

Source: http://theybf.com/2010/11/25/fantasia-admits-to-abortion-during-trial-of-the-cooks

Spiele Dominique Swain Donna Feldman

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