Wesley Snipes & DMX Jail Updates + Eve Covers “Inked” Magazine


Wesley Snipes and DMX both had recent updates in their cases. We’ve got the deets, plus Eve’s Inked magazine cover pic when you read on…



Eve landed the cover of the December/January edition of Inked Magazine. Inside, she says that her mother hated her famous claw print tattoos. She says, "My mom said it was the tackiest thing she’d ever seen, yet years later it was her mom who insisted she not remove them. Hey, you don’t mess with your trademark, right?"

Eve also reveals that she’s trying to erase her bad girl image with appearances on ‘Glee’ and a new VH1 reality show ‘Single Ladies’.  SHe had a bad girl image?  Oh.  She commented, "I hate it when people say, The old Eve, the old Eve. No! I can’t pretend to be that girl anymore, if I did people would see that and be like, Why is she trying to be that same person?"

Since her TV show ‘Eve’ debuted, seems like she has pretty much replaced her old ‘bad girl’ image.   But whatevs.  The magazine hits stands November 30th.


In other news:

Wesley Snipes asked his judge to order that Snipes remains free on bail while appealing his latest tax convictions.  The judge has ordered prosecutors to respond to Snipes newest appeal by Tuesday. Snipes attorney’s say that his ‘ongoing and successful movie projects’ are a major reason that he should remain free on bail.

Snipes’ bail was denied last week when a judge ordered him to go to prison after he lost another appeal. The deadline for his next appeal is December 28th. After being convicted in 2008, Wesley has always managed a way to avoid jail time.




DMX appeared in a Phoenix court Wednesday to defend charges about violating his probation. Prosecutors claim that X violated his probation by using cocaine, Oxycontin, failed to submit a drug test, and drove with a suspended license.  

The rapper was arrested last Thursday and held without bond. DMX denied violating his probation Wednesday and his next hearing is set for December 9th. 

Dude always seems to be in and out of prison smh. Let’s hope he get’s it together before he’s locked up for good.

Source: http://theybf.com/2010/11/26/wesley-snipes-dmx-jail-updates-eve-covers-inked-magazine

Emma Heming

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